* Comments from previous tours:*

"Sandi's desert photo tour is one of the best adventures I've been on in a long time. She has thoroughly researched the area and picked the best spots for shooting. Her technical knowledge and insights are of expert quality. But it's more than just taking pictures; it's seeing places you might never go to, getting access to areas you'd never get on your own (East Jesus) and feeling the stories that ooze from the ground. She has put together a neat mix of travelers who are quite willing to share their photographic work, and to talk about their own life journeys. Sandi, thanks for taking a chance on inviting me for this."  -- R. Bryan, Ontario

"The 2013 Desert Photo Tour was very remarkable.  The group was small which allowed for individualized instruction. The subject matter was endless. Instruction was provided for each level so all participants improved their skills. Sandi Wheaton as a tour organizer is top of the line.  She did not forget any detail.  As a tour director, Sandi is extremely well-educated on the subject matter and easily understood as an instructor. You were given time to explore your own creativity.   I would highly recommend participating in any tour she leads." -- P. Clark, Wyoming

"It was a fabulous time. The group was amazingly great — we all got along, and not on anyone's nerves. I was amazed at how well-organized everything was. I really felt AWAY and that was good in and of itself... It was the kind of trip that I imagined, and I got some great images, and had a terrific time."  -- M. Gervais, Ontario

"I learned even more than I at first thought I did.  My sunset pictures especially are awesome, beautiful, splendid . . .   I can also see a definite (and very positive) progression in my camera ability from first photos to later photos on the tour."  -- J. Rice, Wyoming

* Above images courtesy of previous participants - first six images by Andreas Karlsson, remainder by Steve Kriemadis *

May 9-16, 2020, photographer and professional tour director Sandi Wheaton will lead a small group of photo enthusiasts through some of the most fascinating and picturesque sites of the California desert during the seventh annual Desert Photo Tour.  Dusty ruins, wide-open roads, vast gorgeous landscapes, endless sand dunes and an abandoned inland sea await you under the glorious California sun. Click on the tabs above for more information.

Leave your routine behind, feed your creativity and expand your photography portfolio in the southern California desert.  Sandi knows where to go, and when to be there, so you can get your best shots.  Meet fun, like-minded folk and enjoy one week of photography, exploration and adventure on the road, under the sun.  

Level of instruction during the workshop will vary depending on guests' needs.  Some may just want to be taken to cool locations - others may like more instruction in the field.  Sandi tailors the experience to suit your level - so, all are welcome!

Your experience of this unique area will be enhanced through meeting locals, watching videos, and going to out-of-the-way places that will give you a new understanding and appreciation for life in the desert. 

In previous years, we added an optional excursion such as the Palm Springs Tramway or an off-road adventure in Ocotillo Wells recreation area. If the interest is there, we can add such activities as this to the itinerary as well. 

Led by tour director / photographer Sandi Wheaton

great shooting, great fun

1 week of photo ops galore

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California photography road trip!   May 9-16, 2020